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Hurt, Hate & Forgiveness

May 13, 2010

-We’ve all been hurt.

Can you tell me the one thing scientists failed to mention on the food chain that constantly preys on us as people? What I speak of is something that we allow to take place. We create the very fangs that it uses to consume the most essential parts of us being human. So what did you come up with? So what am I talking about? Well, what I speak of…

Is That Monster Named “HATE”

HATE is a parasite that attaches itself to the center of our hearts. When it first makes nest, the effects are not as obvious as it is as time passes by. As time passes, it grows and it consumes, eating its host alive, many times without them even knowing. It’s very common for those who suffer from HATE to ignore its signs, for the sake of pride, but time reveals all damage, and the longer you take to address the problem, the larger the parasite will grow. How does HATE know where to go? Why does it survive within us for so long? Why do we try to ignore it as it eats and devours us as people? Why?

With HATE being so closely linked to HURT, it’s no wonder why it’s so common on people with emotions. Betrayal, Infidelity, Mistrust, just some of factors that link to such a monster being born. We’ve all harbored this parasite from one time to another. We’ve all been hurt. Who hasn’t? The question is, “Is HATE still within us?

Is HATE still within us?

How is HATE removed? How is HATE destroyed? How is it vanquished? Well, for every action, there’s a reaction, and HATE isn’t at the very top of the food chain. You see, there is something that when applied to the heart neutralizes what eventually destroy us. Something divine, something more powerful than HATE, and what I speak of is FORGIVENESS. HATE stands no chance against FORGIVENESS. FORGIVENESS may take some time to acquire, depending on the level of HURT, but once the right dose is administered, HATE shall be removed. Most people mistake the terms “TIME and FORGIVENESS”, but TIME won’t ever heal emotional wounds, for the only thing that can do so, is FORGIVINESS.

I have always been the type to write about forgiveness and moving on, but my art surely wasn’t imitating life at all. Many times I write things that mirror what I’m going through in life, it’s like someone is guiding me and counseling me through tough times, but I ignore the voices and words that I myself have written. Forgiveness is the only real way to heal an emotional wound.

There’s a slight shadow on the center of my heart where Hate used to reside, Hate is gone now. Within time that shadow shall be gone too, and it will be as though nothing ever existed. Hate fed off me long enough, way too longer than it should have and I’m so glad that it’s gone. My heart works a whole lot less now, it gives life to the parts of me that needs it. No more unwanted guests. No more trying to forget, no more Hate…

For I Have Forgiven.

By: W. Lyric
Copyright ©2010. All Rights reserved


Letting Go

September 7, 2009

– It’s like you’re wearing chains, your soul is not free.

It’s consuming, it’s deadly & it’s slowly taking over
Eating your insides, those weights on the shoulder
Festering within, a self brewing disaster
Affecting the same as the worst types of cancer

It’s the hate, the unforgiveness, buried so deep within
Even though you’ve been done wrong, not forgiving is a sin
It’s like you’re wearing chains, your soul is not free
& with hate in your heart, love becomes hard to see

Let go of that darkness, release from that grasp
Move on in the present, be at peace with the past
What will happen if you don’t, I think this you know
So break away from those chains…

By Just Letting Go

By: W. Lyric
Copyright ©2009. All Rights reserved