Many Past Comments

May 4, 2010

The things u write about!!

Throughout my time as a writer, I’ve received some very awesome encouraging comments that always seem to bring a smile to my face. Some of these comments go as far back as 2007, after I went public. I’ve come a long way since then. There are some comments from readers that have become lost with time, but the ones that I’ve still got I cherish dearly.

Thanks to all who comment, read and have grown with me. You readers are really one of the main reasons that I keep growing, so continue with your comments. Let’s grow together, continue being my fertilizer, and I’ll continue bearing food for thought. Thanks you once again. Now’s here’s a recap of those comments that you given me as gifts throughout the years, do enjoy!

Hey I love your work, keep writing, I look forward to reading them”. “Dude this is not only creative… it’s powerful.” “Wow! I love your website. Your writing is really innovative, I’m loving it, you’re doing great things. Keep it up!” “I can’t keep up! Do u write these every day, or are you posting old ones? Geez ur fast!”

I am sooo happy you started that blog, now I can read all your stuff at once and other ppl can get to read them too.. Ur quite talented, gifted… and ur work is a pleasure to read. I can always count on u to give me something to have my mind going”. “You guys really need to check out his blog! This guy has more than skills, it’s a gift from God!!! Machew you’re a blessing cause u got me reading smting besides a text book!”

“As usual ur work never disappoints me my boy”. “Behind ur lyrics always lies a profound message that challenges ones thoughts. very refreshing”. “I’m in love with all your stuff….your posts are all truly inspirational…my friends and I look forward to reading new ones each day…thanks for choosing to share with me!” “I think u need to look into publishing ur poems…seriously…”

“Hey Matthew! I’m excited about the release of your book, I can’t wait. I think that you’re doing great work with your writings. I have to get a copy”. “I really enjoyed the book …. It’s filled with amazing pieces … really looking forward to volume 2”.

“I just can’t stop reading ‘Sunken’. Your pieces are always good but this time you out did your own damn self! I swear this piece was really written with me in mind, this shows that people of the world go through similar situations. Keep on doing you, keep on making us smile!”

“I just thought u should know that ‘Runaway Lover’, has me in tears right now…real talk.”

“Runaway Lover is printed, matted and hung on my bedroom wall as of last night…don’t worry, I included ur entire copyright signature…I really didnt wanna lose that one…now I can read it as often as I need to, your words speak volumes….be proud of that.”

“Don’t ever doubt that ur words do indeed make an impact…creative indeed – ‘If her eyes were the clouds then down poured the rain’. “Powerful. Sometimes you have no idea the effect that your words will have on someone”.

“That one brought me to tears sweet heart.”

“Lmao…My boy I done hold up traffic even more because of tha…..buh the Dude behind me didn’t mind because he was watchin too. Lol”. “W.Lyric….I kno u kno about the waterfront views, but I’m telling u, u need to take a pass on Main Street one afternoon….around 12( lunch time) or around 4 is a great”

“This week’s favorite… ‘Chubby Chaser’!

“I’ve never Frosted Flakes, and I’ve never Fruity Pebble…..u is a LYRICAL KILLER!!!! Lol”. “LOL. What the hell boy!!!. The things u write about!!” “ Very interesting. I’ll never look at cereal the same!!”

“Woohoo….intense. I really really enjoyed this one. U need to start to write some books. U’ll be the male version of Zane”.

“lol…he left a dime piece for a cent….i love it…”

The ending is so powerful. It isn’t all the time that the power of Christ compels…some ppl just run for fear though…but it always catches u…the fear…the guilt…at times even death..either way u return…there are just some things that you’ll never be too fast for…i love this one.”

I got to really appreciate the work done!!!!! keep it up.

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“I love this one…..this is like what my life was in high school…..never lived anywhere for more than like 3 months….n it is sad cuz u dnt hav time to make friends bcuz by the time u do it was like sorry but im movin again….good job, I love it”.

There is some much more that I have not included, but I just want you all to know that your comments means something to me, they constructively build me up, so please don’t ever stop. I love you all and thanks once again for your continued support.

By: W. Lyric
Copyright ©2010. All Rights reserved


Finding Within

May 2, 2010

-A perfect connection.

A single teardrop had made it’s way slightly above my cheekbone, down to the very tip of  my nose. It ended up being absorbed back into my skin. I guess there wasn’t enough emotion in it to make it detach and splash upon the floor beneath me.

So many things going through my mind, so many persons my mind fell upon. I felt so deserted. Thunder roared outside while rainfall fell, heaven cried too. I haven’t prayed in so long. Heavenly father I need you, please come rescue me. Many have failed me, I have failed myself, but we all have come short of the glory.

I sent her a message saying that I needed to talk, she said I could call her anytime I needed to. That was about 2 years ago, about 2 years later I took her up on her offer. That night we spoke, her voice was so soothing. I needed those words of assurance, those words of encouragement.

She herself had been through a lot and I myself am going through much, it was a perfect connection. Did I mention her voice was soothing. Her children should know that they’re being loved by an angel. Anyway I just wish things was a little different, at least with family and friends. Then I would be feeling so much better.

When it’s all said and done, I’m still human. Despite how tough I may seem, I too can crumble, we all can crumble. We need each other, we need God, we need ourselves. And in that moment something happened, the rain stopped, there was no more thunder, no more gloom, but most importantly…

A Weight Had Been Lifted.

By: W. Lyric
Copyright ©2010. All Rights reserved

The Lost Boys

May 1, 2010

It’s a hard knock life, especially if you have no one that is mentoring you or helping you mature into a model citizen. Most times if you mold yourself based on your surroundings, especially if you’ve grown in poverty, then statistics show that the end result won’t be what many view as successful.

Why are we fighting against ourselves? We all can prosper and make it as a people, but perhaps many don’t believe so. I wish I could do something right now, but what really could a pebble do when dropped into the ocean. By the time I can really make an impact, many young men and women will already be lost.

I guess it’s the way of life, the way of the islands, the way of the world. But I wish it wasn’t so, but it is… & until I can actually do something about it, that can be as impactful as a 7 ton boulder when dropped into the ocean, I’ll just have to watch as it unfolds, documented though my words of observation, through my words of reality, but most sadly, through my words of hurt.

What we’re missing more than anything else in society is strong males who mentor and nurture young boys. Mentored young boys grow into model young men, who will in turn play it forward. But un-mentored young men end up dead or in prison, or destructors to a place many see as home. Where are our strong men, and why are they not being mentors to those who need them most?

-When young boys are nurtured correctly, their hearts will never frost, & we would see a drastic drop…

In Them Becoming Lost.

By: W. Lyric
Copyright ©2010. All Rights reserved