Aunty’s Wither

-At her weakest she was strong.

It crept up within her, undetected and created its nest. It began spreading and soon enough manifested into something that was unlike its entrance. “The Silent Killer”, that is what they call it, along with other names, but the pain it causes is never that.

As a family we had witnessed many volumes of pain, discolorations of her skin, chapped chafing lips, yolk colored eyes, and hair as long as Repunzel, gone with each treatment. We called her aunt because she was close to the family, she was a master in piano and had done her best to teach us well.  Through it all, she didn’t go without a fight, she fought long and hard, but not all battles are won, and not all battles make you stronger.

She had grown weaker and weaker with each passing day, hardly harvesting enough energy to ask for a cup of water. My father tended to her the most, he would update us on her conditions. She had wanted us to remember her at her best, not at her weakest. But even at her weakest she was strong, but I guess she couldn’t see that.

Erma Grant, like many others without a choice, are forced to fight a battle of life and death, a battle with “The Silent Killer”, a battle with Cancer. Each year Cancer claims thousands of lives without mercy, making even death a struggle, as if many don’t struggle every day by just living.

Such ordeals leaves so much questions unanswered, one most commonly asked, is “Why?”, but some answers will never be sufficient enough, so instead of seeking an answer, many just accept the fact that bad things do happen to undeserving people, and continue on with life. How else to explain such suffering of someone so greatly loved, how else?

But through it all, even though she lost her battle, it brought a family a part a little bit closer together. And even though it didn’t make her stronger, it gave strength to a family who in the beginning, had never handled such a situation before. Her time here wasn’t wasted at all, she impacted many through her lessons of music, and up to this day, every time I see a piano or keyboard, I can’t help…

But To Think of Her.

By: W. Lyric
Copyright ©2010. All Rights reserved


One Response to “Aunty’s Wither”

  1. melodi Says:

    very sad.

    Melodi Maabane
    South Africa

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