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Aunty’s Wither

May 31, 2010

-At her weakest she was strong.

It crept up within her, undetected and created its nest. It began spreading and soon enough manifested into something that was unlike its entrance. “The Silent Killer”, that is what they call it, along with other names, but the pain it causes is never that.

As a family we had witnessed many volumes of pain, discolorations of her skin, chapped chafing lips, yolk colored eyes, and hair as long as Repunzel, gone with each treatment. We called her aunt because she was close to the family, she was a master in piano and had done her best to teach us well.  Through it all, she didn’t go without a fight, she fought long and hard, but not all battles are won, and not all battles make you stronger.

She had grown weaker and weaker with each passing day, hardly harvesting enough energy to ask for a cup of water. My father tended to her the most, he would update us on her conditions. She had wanted us to remember her at her best, not at her weakest. But even at her weakest she was strong, but I guess she couldn’t see that.

Erma Grant, like many others without a choice, are forced to fight a battle of life and death, a battle with “The Silent Killer”, a battle with Cancer. Each year Cancer claims thousands of lives without mercy, making even death a struggle, as if many don’t struggle every day by just living.

Such ordeals leaves so much questions unanswered, one most commonly asked, is “Why?”, but some answers will never be sufficient enough, so instead of seeking an answer, many just accept the fact that bad things do happen to undeserving people, and continue on with life. How else to explain such suffering of someone so greatly loved, how else?

But through it all, even though she lost her battle, it brought a family a part a little bit closer together. And even though it didn’t make her stronger, it gave strength to a family who in the beginning, had never handled such a situation before. Her time here wasn’t wasted at all, she impacted many through her lessons of music, and up to this day, every time I see a piano or keyboard, I can’t help…

But To Think of Her.

By: W. Lyric
Copyright ©2010. All Rights reserved


A Writer’s Gift

May 19, 2010

-A source of life to the readers.

It is true that all books have a beginning and an ending, but a good book never really ends. The pages end, but a good book lives on through it readers. Good literature takes root within minds who seek answers and guidance. I have experienced such a miracle through words. It’s a feeling that compels you to take action towards your own life, to think of the unknown, to do more than just the average. 

 I’ve been writing for about 5 years now, but I still feel that there is so much that I still must pen. I recently read “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, and this book is the reason why I’m writing this entry now. How could a book so powerful, be written in the most simplistic of words known to man? Such a beautiful tale of pursing dreams and overcoming obstacles, it was a story that I could not get enough of, it was one that I had to finish, but one that would never end.

In my pursuit of writing, one wish of mine is to assist others, including myself, in this journey of life that we all embark upon. Assisting in ways of encouragement, laughter, wisdom, guidance, forgiveness and growth. All of these are very much needed to properly function and grow into healthy individuals. Many do not have that needed mentor or loved one to guide them correctly, but a good piece of literature can serve as a lifeline when one is desperately needed.

 Writers have a magical way of speaking to a person’s heart when it is ready to listen, and when a person receives such a message, they are forever grateful. Paulo Coelho doesn’t know me, but I know him, and through his words, he has made me a believer once again.

It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting”, “Dreams are the language of GOD”, “You will never be able to escape your heart”, Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse that suffering itself”, “Your eyes show the strength of your soul”, When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream”

-Paulo Coelho

My love for writing is undeniable, un-questionable, and will never cease. I am already an author aspiring to be greater than I am currently. Many blessing and support are poured upon me by my readers, and it’s good to know I reach people with my words, people as far as Africa and New Zealand.

 Being one of those individuals who readily needed guidance and support, but lacked the mentor and the loved ones who could’ve fill the position, I am proud to have used good literature as a life line, especially when I needed it the most. We all are connected somehow, and “The Alchemist” wasn’t just written to be a source of income for the author, but as a source of life to the readers who turn its pages.

Just as I have done, share the literature that you’ve come across that has impacted your life. You just never know what someone may be going through. People hold back things due to a lack of trust, but books can be trusted, they can also be the medium in which portals of communication are opened. Writers are linked to a higher power, writers possess magical powers, and writers write, only when a heart is truly ready…

To Open Up & Listen.

By: W. Lyric
Copyright ©2010. All Rights reserved

Hurt, Hate & Forgiveness

May 13, 2010

-We’ve all been hurt.

Can you tell me the one thing scientists failed to mention on the food chain that constantly preys on us as people? What I speak of is something that we allow to take place. We create the very fangs that it uses to consume the most essential parts of us being human. So what did you come up with? So what am I talking about? Well, what I speak of…

Is That Monster Named “HATE”

HATE is a parasite that attaches itself to the center of our hearts. When it first makes nest, the effects are not as obvious as it is as time passes by. As time passes, it grows and it consumes, eating its host alive, many times without them even knowing. It’s very common for those who suffer from HATE to ignore its signs, for the sake of pride, but time reveals all damage, and the longer you take to address the problem, the larger the parasite will grow. How does HATE know where to go? Why does it survive within us for so long? Why do we try to ignore it as it eats and devours us as people? Why?

With HATE being so closely linked to HURT, it’s no wonder why it’s so common on people with emotions. Betrayal, Infidelity, Mistrust, just some of factors that link to such a monster being born. We’ve all harbored this parasite from one time to another. We’ve all been hurt. Who hasn’t? The question is, “Is HATE still within us?

Is HATE still within us?

How is HATE removed? How is HATE destroyed? How is it vanquished? Well, for every action, there’s a reaction, and HATE isn’t at the very top of the food chain. You see, there is something that when applied to the heart neutralizes what eventually destroy us. Something divine, something more powerful than HATE, and what I speak of is FORGIVENESS. HATE stands no chance against FORGIVENESS. FORGIVENESS may take some time to acquire, depending on the level of HURT, but once the right dose is administered, HATE shall be removed. Most people mistake the terms “TIME and FORGIVENESS”, but TIME won’t ever heal emotional wounds, for the only thing that can do so, is FORGIVINESS.

I have always been the type to write about forgiveness and moving on, but my art surely wasn’t imitating life at all. Many times I write things that mirror what I’m going through in life, it’s like someone is guiding me and counseling me through tough times, but I ignore the voices and words that I myself have written. Forgiveness is the only real way to heal an emotional wound.

There’s a slight shadow on the center of my heart where Hate used to reside, Hate is gone now. Within time that shadow shall be gone too, and it will be as though nothing ever existed. Hate fed off me long enough, way too longer than it should have and I’m so glad that it’s gone. My heart works a whole lot less now, it gives life to the parts of me that needs it. No more unwanted guests. No more trying to forget, no more Hate…

For I Have Forgiven.

By: W. Lyric
Copyright ©2010. All Rights reserved